avoid risk – achieve returns 

While it is extremely difficult, acquiring supermarket and grocery real estate in German cities is very lucrative. Our target volume is between 1 and 5 million Euro per property and up to 50 million Euro for diversified portfolios. We plan to achieve a portfolio size of 500 Million Euro in the next five years by means of up to 100 transactions. Such a portfolio of lucrative cash-flow producing properties across small and mid-sized German cities, we believe, based on prior experience in similar asset classes, attractive to institutional investors, such as Private Equity or Pension Funds. With a consequent approach to lean management DESIAG remains agile and fast in its decision making. Every property we acquire is a cash-positive addition to our portfolio from day 1, contributing to our success.


Small retailers and supermarkets

Single properties between 1 and 5 million Euro in German cities of all sizes.


Portfolio build-up of up to €500 Million

As a buy-and-hold operator, we constantly add new properties to our portfolio. We use active asset management to secure long-term profitability. 


Lean approach

With a consistently lean structure and process we remain agile and fast in decision making.


Balanced financing 

Our capital structure serves low cost philosophy and the balanced risk our financial and banking investors look for.


Team seasoned in real estate

Our team has long-standing experience in all RE asset classes and has made several successful exits across the industry and geographies.


Asset-class Champion

Positioned as a take-over candidate for a block-trade in up to 5 years or listing of shares at a German stock exchange.


Deutsche Supermarkt Immobilien AG

HRB 120658

With a seat in Frankfurt am Main invests in grocery and supermarket real estate. We plan to acquire properties with good returns with a focus on attractive grocery real estate and supermarkets in small and mid-size towns in Germany.

LEI: 529900RLUC1V95OGB720  




Deutsche Supermarkt Immobilien AG

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